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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 463 - The Macau and Hong Kong Journals

Woke up at a human being time, all set to enjoy a fun filled day at Macau.Started with a nice breakfast at one of the Portuguese restaurant. Then did some strolling. Played free games at the Man United Kiosks. After that went for a half day city tour. First we visited the very famous A-Ma temple of Macau. When the portuguese arrived in Macau 300-400 odd years back, they asked the natives about the name of the. land. The natives didnt understand and thought they asked the name of the temple and said Ma-Ka. Which meant the temple of Ma. And hence the name - Macau.
It was a typical Chinese Temple with Lanterns, Incense sticks and red and gold colors. I have posted some of the pics below.

 After that went to the Macau Observatory tower. At 338 meters above sea level, it is the highest structure in the city. It is also the highest point available for Bungee Jumping around the world. At HK$2800 it was worth a try but i decided not to venture as i still get slightly dizzy at heights. However, one day, i am sure i will do Bungee Jumping. The pictures below are from the 58th floor.

                                       This is taken on the 61st floor. Awesome stuff.

 After that headed to the St Paul's Cathedral or the ruins since it was destroyed in an inferno over 100 years back. But a massive structure still remains for everyone to see. 

                           Then headed down for the local market to just stroll around.

                             Also took pictures of some tall buildings in and around Macau.

 The pictures below are of a park near the hotel and some of the pictures of interiors are that of an old late 19th century Portuguese house. Nice stuff.

After a nice outing, went for a swim and surprisingly i was the only person in the entire pool. Still had a nice time. In the evening, had dinner at a pizza joint and then strolled outside the hotel for 1 more time to take some pictures of Macau in the night.

 And after that i retired to bed. Next day i will be going to Hong Kong.

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