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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 462 - The Macau and Hong Kong Journals

So i reach Hong Kong airport at around 10 PM Local time. The airport, is huge. To get from one end to another, you need to go across atleast 2 passenger movers(Somewhat like a metro train except it is automated and does not have a driver) and countless escalators. First thing, had to catch the ferry to Macau. I got the tickets and surprisingly they took care of my luggage and managed to put it from the counter to the Cotai Jet Ferry. Cotai - as i later came to know - stands for Coast Of Taipai (Which is a port in Macau). This was the first time, that i was in a transit. The journey to Macau on the ferry was very comfortable. With a seating capacity of 417, i was surprised that there were only 15-20 people in the ferry. Later i came to know that most of them would check in much later in the day as most of the hotels have a check in time of 3 PM. I land at the Macau Port and take the complimentary bus to the famous The Venetian Hotel. Not only is the Venetuian, single largest hotel in Asia, it is also the home to the single largest casino floor in Asia. It is also the world's 5th Largest buliding(in terms of usable space). It spreads to around 1.2 million square feet. Has 3000 rooms. (Suites to be more precise as calling them rooms would be an understatement). Just look at the pics below. It also has 550000 square feet of Casino space, 3400 slot machines, 800 gambling tables and 15000 seating arrangement. Built at a cost of US $1.4 billion, the construction cost was recovered within the first 6 months of opening when they welcomed their 10 millionth guest.

For the first day, after sleeping for a while, all i did was roam around the hotel. To be honest, you actually need a map to get around the place or you can easily get lost. The 3rd floor of the hotel is entirely filled with shops selling the best brands of just about everything that you can think of. And the entire 3rd floor is built like the city of venice. Even the ceiling is like that of a cloudy sky and you get the ambiance of  a cool Venice summer evening. Very Very amazing.

Some of the pics are below.

Had a nice dinner at the 3 Monkeys Restaurant and then roamed around and went to the Casino. I have never been lucky in these games but for the first time, i gambled around $40 HK Dollars and won around $102.67. A cool $60 odd profit. Happily i went off to bed to enjoy the next morning.

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