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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 461

Who, amongst you, has seen this oscar winning movie - Crash ? The basic theme of the movie was how a person, who is perceived to be a good guy/girl has change of circumstances and then turns to a person with lots of grey shades or totally bad. And vice versa. I felt, today, of all the days, i actually felt that happening. I wouldnt say that the people i communicated today were bad people, but generally, they wouldnt fit in my scheme of things.
However, talking / chatting on the internet with 2 such people was a pleasant surprise. They know, more or less, whats going on in my personal life, and the support i got from them was very nice and totally unexpected. I will not give out the names, due to a confidentiality clause that i have with them, but i can say that one of them phoned me and one messaged me on facebook. And to both of you(in case you are reading my blog)..all i have to say is Thank you. Thank you for showing support despite the fact that we havent met in person in years.
I saw, Clint Eastwood's, Hereafter. All i have to say is that Mr Eastwood raises his benchmark with every movie that he has made. This was a very low publicized movie but its a must watch for all Eastwood Fans. If ever, there is one movie director, who can capture the human emotions and human relationship so maturely and so sensitively on the big screen, it has to be Clint Eastwood. The same person who is known for his macho image on screen. Dirty Harry, The Cowboy with no name roles.

I was also going through certain strange incidents that have happened in my life, specially within the last 1 year or so when i am travelling.
When i was flying to France this year, there were mass scales protests and people had stopped petrol supply and there was a talk of Air France going on strike on the very day i was supposed to fly.
Fortunately nothing happened.
This January Mum and me had planned to visit Varanasi and there was a bomb blast near the famous Ghats and that plan was shelved.
And now, with this Hong Kong Trip finalized, there was a massive earthquake cum Tsunami in North East Japan. With Millions homeless, electricity shut for nearly 40 million homes and the country in a major crisis, there were some hiccups about the hong kong trip. Now hong kong and Japan are as far as ..Hmm, Chennai And Shangai. However, i will offer my prayers for the victims and for our safety as well because no one knows what will happen next.

For everyone,

I have 2 articles which i am sure, in the lieu of the recent earthquake in Japan, some of you may find an interesting read:-

And as i leave for the day...this is the poem for my sweetheart.....

My heart is filled with love
by the mention of your name,
the sight of you does things to me
I never can explain.
The thought of you still thrills me
Like the very day we met,
The tender times we've shared
I never can forget.
The feeling of your body
being close to mine,
Is like nothing that I've known
at any other time.
I see something magical
in all the things you do,
the dearest thoughts I have
are my memories of you. 

I hope i will be able to update the blog when i am in HK, else i will do it when i come back.
Adios till then,

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