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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 460

Its been very relaxing 2 days. All i have been doing is catching up on some lost sleep. I thought my much delayed exercise regime would stat from Wednesday but it may have to be delayed for a bit more. Yesterday, i caught up with the Fat Guy in the evening. Had an early dinner at Bombay Blues and then browsed around Landmark for a while. Got myself, yet again, a couple of posters. My mum, visibly upset, because my den is full of posters didnt want another one, but why should i listen to her ?
I slept after surfing the net for a while.
In the morning, i had quite a few chores to do. I had to go to My C.A. to get some issue sorted out for Uncle Scrooge's tax returns. So that is taken care of. Next i had to take mum to the police station to file an FIR for some lost share certificates. I thought i would face some grumpy cop who would haggle us for the FIR copy but i was pleasantly surprised. The cops were extremely courteous and didnt even, surprisingly, ask for a small bribe to get it done(Which is normally the case in any police station in India).  Mum was so happy that she willingly gave some money for the efficient service, out of her own will, rather than the cop asking us for it.
So that is 2 pending and crucial work taken care of.
Had a buffet lunch with Roti, Subzi, Pulao, Rabdi and what not opposite at Gold Coins.
I was surfing the net in the afternoon for a while and booked Hotel Tickets for New Delhi(More on that in the future blogs). I wanted to catch a movie so, managed to see The Way Out by Peter Weir at Inox. A nice adventure movie based on real life incidents. And since it was produced by National Geographic films, the photography of the outdoor locales was fantastic. And i came home after the movie and decided to detoxify my self and just have some fruits for dinner.
Also quite eager for tomorrow as i am flying out of India - To Macao and Hong Kong for some time out.
Its going to be a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of Bombay. So was doing the last minute packing and the paperwork (Hotel Reservations Printouts, Passports, Forex etc).
And will watch some TV and then go to sleep.
Life, frankly, is absolutely wonderful.
Not having to wake at odd hours to go to work, no break down on systems and no hundreds of people sitting(virtually) on my head to get their complex queries resolved.
Guys, find your way out.
And for my beloved, this following you loads!!!

I loved the child in her,
so innocent and sweet
The mischief in her eyes
the blush upon her cheek
The tender way she spoke
that showed me that she cared
The touch of her warm hand
that gently touched my hair
The smiles that we shared
that filled my life with glee
For when I was with her,
I found the child in me.

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