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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 458

After months and months of speculation and thinking, the d day came today.Today was my final day at work. This is the day that i was referring to in some of my earlier blogs and it was a long in the waiting moment which went by very smoothly. After spending nearly 91+ months in the company, it was high time that i moved on. A part of the decision has been due to personal reasons and partly it has been due to the fact that now, the odd hours were killing me mentally, physically, spiritually, metaphysically, psychologically, biologically, chemically and adversely.
Its been a great experience, no doubt, and i can proudly say that not a single day has passed when i havent learnt something new. It could be something to do with managing people, getting tasks done, deadlines, long hours, overtime, last minute changes, difference of opinions, clashes of egos, fights, love, unity, complex queries and just about anything one can think of.
A significant amount of day was spent in saying the traditional good byes, cutting and eating the farewell cake, farewell speech, gifts(which erroneously , i left it at the office) and most importantly, completing alll my pending works.
I had some long discussions with my managers about quite a lot of things and even though i may have some major difference of opinions with them, i have no bitterness towards anyone.
In fact, in the last few years(barring the fuck all transport department in my company), i dont have any bitter feelings about anyone. One of the most valuable lessons i have learnt from my dad, grandpa and great grand dad was to ensure one leads a path of life when one doesnt have any bitterness and any parting, has to be in a good note. Although it would take a real saint to forgive the transport team in my company for some of the acts that they have committed.
But to sum it all, spending 91+ months in an organization, i would say the feelings have been mixed and something which i will always remember.
Coming back home, picked up Chaitanya on the way and we had planned a nice dinner. So we came home, relaxed for a while and then headed to the Spaghetti Kitchen for a nice pizza dinner. We had ice cream afterwards and now i am at home.
All this while, we spoke about quite a lot of issues and found some unique ways to deal with situations, which have been bothering us for a long time now. So even today, after i have officially quit my office, i have still found something new to learn in life.
As i sit back now, i will savor this moment and leave my blog here.
I will not write any poems today because one of the most major decision in my life has been made today.
What the future holds for me, did i hear someone ask?
Well, i have already made a few plans in my mind, and work for that has already started, much before i quit and i am very sure things will materialize.

Till then, good bye and good luck.

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