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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 450

Was a very well spent Sunday. Usually, i hate going out for any social functions on a sunday morning. I would rather, stay in bed till noon and take it easy. This sunday, was different. We are a bunch of school friends. Have been together since Kindergarden. One of them, is soon going to be a proud Papa. His wife is nearly 7 months pregnant and there was a baby shower party that he had held. We went to give our good wishes to the new mother-to-be. Had some nice food and laughed out loud at some of our usual jokes on each other. Coming back home, everyone was visibly tired because none of us like waking up early in the morning on a Sunday. With the world cup cricket going on, the day's match was a big one, alright. India Vs England. Mind you, this is a very strong English team who has just beat the aussies down under and won the ashes. So scoring 338 was a no mean task. But England gave the biggest fright of the day by leveling the scores batting second. The let down, was India's weak middle order attack. As usual, there is so much dependency on One Man - Sachin Tendulkar, that the moment he gets out, the team crumbles. Imagine, the last 6 wickets falling for less than 40 runs and we still had 1 ball to spare. The radio commentator rightly said that India should have played that 1 ball. All the batsman had to do was whack the last ball for a single. The batsman was run out in the 49.5th over. And that was so crucial because that 1 run could have ensured we would have won the match. This is not the first time that the Indian Cricket team has let the fans down. I am no big fan of the cricket, but like 2003 world cup, i decided to make some personal sacrifice (for more details, ask my school friends, Saloosh, Mitul or Marzi). The sacrifice was a superstition which would ensure India makes it to the final / doesnt loose any match and wins it. So more than blaming the team(minus Tendulkar), the fault somewhere even lies with supporters like us. Anyways, i think i am being over critical. I hope, my personal sacrifice wont go for a waste.
By the time i slept, it was nearly 1:00 AM and so i had a lot of difficulty waking up in the morning. Still, i managed to reach office on time. It was the routine work at office , and surprisngly, the drive back home was pleasant. Reached home in about 70 minutes.
And surfed the net for a while and now i will sit for some nice dinner.

For the article of the day, i would like everyone to read about the winners and the nominations of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. One of the most prestigious(And often contriversial) film awards of all time.

The poem for my beloved...

When we first fell in love
I thought that nothing could compare
To the magical romance
That you and I had come to share.

But as time passed, feelings deepened,
And our closeness grew
The romance turned into
A real and lasting love with you.

You care for me in all the ways
I want and need so much.
I've felt your warmth and tenderness
With every word and touch.

I know I can depend on you
For support and honesty,
That patient understanding
That you always give to me.

There's a special kind of happiness
That only love can bring,
And I've found that happiness with you...
You are my everything.

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