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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 448

Each day goes so slowly, i wonder why isnt the big day coming fast ? But as they say, all you need is just a little patience. I wouldnt ponder too much about work on this blog. The prime reason being, there is nothing much to write about. Its going on as routine as possible. However, today, with profound sadness i wish to write about Dr Anant Pai or Uncle Pai as millions of people who have spend their childhood and teens n the 80s and 90s knew him. The creator of the now famous Amar Chitra Katha Comics and Tinkle comics, is more with us. He left for heavenly abode on the evening of 24th February. He was 81.
With him, an integral part of my childhood is lost forever. I remember, starting to read comics(And specifically Tinkle) way back in 1984. Then, it was a fortnightly comic and we would be so eager to get it on our doorstep and the joy we would get was absolutely unbelievable. I also remember, every summer vacation, Uncle Pai used to have the annual summer get together where everyone was invited free, mostly at the Patkar Hall In Marine Lines, where there would be games, quiz competitions, food and the most amazing time for kids growing up. I, also remember, winning the 1st prize in a quiz competition and getting my name printed in the 201st copy of Tinkle, gave me the most ultimate high. Speaking to Uncle Pai and having him shake my hand was like meeting a hero.
Besides being the founder and perhaps the father of Indian Comics, Dr Pai was also a qualified child psycholgist and a person who knew 14 languages(Ardhmagadi being just one of them).
He used to encourage children to write original stories for tinkle and not just get inspired or copy from an already published source. The language was impeccable yet simple, irrespective of whether it was English or Hindi or any of the other 20 languages Tinkle and ACK was published.
Tinkle and ACK were the only comics that my school teachers would allow to read, while in school.
Another cherish memory was hearing an interview of Dr Pai on Radio Mid-Day way back in 1994 and i also, for a long time, had a recorded audio cassette of it.
Dr Pai was a qualified engineer from UDCT, which is the most prestigious engineering colleges for Chemical Engineering. He could have got the most highest paying job in any big companies worldwide, but he chose to devote almost 5 decades to a wonderful world of comics and for children.
The irony of life is that despite being loved by millions of children worldwide, he didnt have any kids of his own.
But deep down, all of us, were just like his own children.

Uncle Pai - May your soul rest in peace. We will miss you and always have a very special place in our hearts.

                                                               Dr Anant Pai
                                           17th September 1929 - 24th February 2011.

This is a blog written by one of the, many fans, for Dr Pai.

On friday evening, went for a movie - True Grit with Avatar Baba. The Fat Guy was all geared up to come but then he wasnt feeling too well(Had his PMS) and hence dropped out at the last moment. We enjoyed the movie, nevertheless, and had a nice early dinner at Bombay Blues. Coming back home i was so exhausted that i just went off to sleep on the sofa. I was, while half asleep, chatting with a friend via SMS and i have no idea what i was typing. So GK...Peace!!!
And today i woke up at a nice time of 10:30 AM and, thankfully, did nothing throughout the day. Infact i was so sleepy that i even had a nice long afternoon siesta from 2:30 to to 6 PM and then watched the Pak Vs SL World Cup match. Had a nice heavy dinner of Tacos, Pizzas and Onion RIngs. Burppp..
And now, as i am writing this blog, i am listening to Louis Armstrong. One of the best Blues Singer ever.

And as i leave for the day, i wish to dedicate this song for my love. The one person i love the most.

I dont think after this song, i will be able to write anything today to match the words.
Good night all.

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