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Sunday, February 20, 2011

day 442

What a fantastic weekend. All I did was Eat, Shop, Watch movies and sleep. A perfect weekend. It started on Saturday morning at 10:30. My brother, being home, and me went out to Phoenix mills for shopping. I bought a couple of posters for my room from landmark. Then we went to shop for some clothes at life style. Also browsed at Chroma looking at some amazing electronic and computer gizmos. We have, unanimously, decided that within a year, we will get a mac OS system for the house. Windows sucks big time and its high time we implemented some serious change around our computer accessories. Came home and, as usual, surfed the net. Went out with mum for a nice dinner at Little Italy in town and ate Pizzas, Caesar's Salad, Tacos, Grape Based mocktail....yumm..then went for 7 khoon maaf. Overhyped dark and intense movie about a black widow. Still worth one watch. Then caught up with a couple of school friends and had some yummy paneer rolls (Boy i ate like a pig). When i was home, The Devil's advocate happened to run on HBO. So i had to watch it. Al Pacino kicks A$$.
Was also chatting with a close friend through SMS and was multi tasking till 3 AM.
After that i was so tired, i just crashed. Woke up at noon.
The fat guy and me had made plans to see a movie - The Rabbit Hole - but had no strength to move out of the house. So all i did was eat a heavy lunch, pastas, and watch Steven Spielberg's classic - Munich on HBO. Of course, i was multi tasking there as well. Was chatting with a friend on GTalk and we chatted till 5 PM.
After that, as you can see, i am still online and counting my days until the D-Day which will come soon.

For today's article, i will not let anyone read...instead...just look...amazing pictures.

And as i go, a lovely poem for my.... ..

Dreams take me to another place and time
When my life had reason and rhyme.
I was so happy and in love...
She loved me so, more than anyone
I will ever again know.
The talks we had while lying in bed...
She gently caressed my face and head.

I could feel the love without
A word being said...
I miss those times, those precious days
But no one can take the memories away
My Angel  she will always be...
From now until eternity...

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