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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 440

Fridays are great. Weekends are much appreciated as you can sleep all you want. With just a little over under 3 weeks left till the one of the most anticipated days of my life, i am trying to take it as easy as it can get. Thankfully, doing the 7 AM shifts means i can get a couple of hours of more sleep and not as stressed out as earlier. Work, today, was just about ok. As usual, i am ahead of schedule and taking it extremely easy at work. Came home after work and was doing nothing at all. Got ready in the evening to attend a friend's sister wedding. Being a parsi wedding, there was lot of good music, nice food and flowing alcohol. It was great to catch up with school buddies after a long time. We were talking about the good ol' days of school where life was so stress free and we were a bunch of close nit friends, who have been together since..hmm..1982/1983...and our bonding is still strong. There are 2 types of friends. One are the most closest friends (Which may or may not be school friends) and then there are school friends. School friends are the ones who know you since childhood and practically are the siblings you never had. It was good to relive some amazing memories.

Article of the day:-

With the ICC Cricket world cup starting from tomorrow - it would be cricket season and cricket fever till June 2011. There will be the world cup and IPL. Pretty sure most of the matches will be rigged, but will watch it from a pure entertainment value.
And the article of the day is an interesting bit by a British Comedian - Andy Zaltzman.

And for my loved one:-

I think about you all the time, girl
I just can't get you off my mind
I know I'm in love
When all I can think about
Is you and only you
I dream of you
Think of you
Care for you
Love you
I only wish you knew....

Good night my precious...i love you..always will!!!

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