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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 439

Its been a routine couple of days so i didnt feel the need to update the blog. I saw a nice movie on Monday night - Frozen. Now this one is the 2008 release which was shot beautifully in black and white. Starring Danny Denzongpa in a near award winning role. Very off beat movie and a must watch for movie lovers. The last 2 days at work have been calm. Yes, there is always the ever piling workload, but now, i dont have to complain much about it. In a few days, i will be letting you on the "radical" decision that i have taken in life. And, frankly, this one was long pending. But the time is right and the time is now. So just watch this space for more. Its also strange and nice, how all of a sudden, many people at work are speaking so over nicely with me. In a corporate world, when your reporting managers speaks over nicely to you, it can only mean that he/she wants a big favor from you. Or there is something really fishy happening in the background. I dont bother much because I have done my job honestly and diligently. I am the most transparent person at work. So you speak nicely, sternly, assertively, aggressively, calmly or any other adverb you can think of. I will, simply, do my set of work, take my routine breaks and leave on time. My time is most precious in this world. In some way, even more precious than money.

So what shall i write about today ?
How about Doubt and Faith ?

Specifically meant for certain religious people out there. Lots of people, specially in India, have a business relationship with the divine power. Its like this. You make me pass in this exam and i will put 10 flowers in your temple/church every day.
I will do a confession of all my sins, forgive me for them. Thats all i will do. And then if i sin again, i will confess again.
And the best part, why oh why are you doing this to me, o god ? I have done everything right and that person has done everything wrong. Yet that person got what he/she wanted and i didnt ? Not fair.

Is this faith ?

And the other end of spectrum.
I dont believe in any divine power. If i do something right, i will get rewarded. If  i dont, i will get punished.
There is no divine power. All of us will eventually decay / get eaten / burnt. No deposit. No return.
So is this doubt ?

I dont want to get in to any debate. This is just an open forum. Food for thought. Think about it.

And before i end my blog, a lovely simple poem for my love.

Is it necessary to show my love for you ?
Is it necessary to show that i care ?
Sitting under this divine light with lots of hope,
may the good lord give you enough strength to fight an evil and to cope..
I can see the day is not far, when we will meet.
Shaking hands wont work wonders, for i want to hug you and greet.
Just stay the same and keep the spirit alive.
I wish i could surprise you till the time i die.
I wish, i sure wish, that those days would come back again.
Just wishing upon an evening star !!!

Good night.