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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 435

First of all, to Avanti, dont kill me for not updating my blog for a few days. It was not that i didnt want to. My spirit was willing, but my flesh was weak. As usual, its hectic day at work. Quite a lot of workload and the number of people are less. So somehow, taking each day as it comes. And in the midst of all this, when you come home, the only thing you want to do is crash to bed. Thursday night was tiring, all right. I took my car so that while coming home, i could take a detour to BKC and redeem the evoucher for the saturday concert ticket. Turned out that there was no stall put up where i could redeem it. Then went with a colleague to Lamington road only to find that the car was towed away. Grrr. My colleague, felt guilty as he had come in my car, so he forcibly paid the towing charges. Came home, super tired after all the driving and went off to sleep. Next day was gonna be relaxing. After work, went over to Chaitanya's house with my brother's guitar as he wanted to sell it. Not using it often, we thought it would be worthwhile if someone, needing, could use it and we could get a decent price as well. Then again went to BKC and tried searching for the ticket counter but still couldnt find it. Somehow, the concert was going to be held in another part of BKC, so i managed to find the place and redeem the voucher. Yeaaa.. I finally got the ticket and was all ready for the concert. In the night, went for a movie - The Rite. Its all about exorcisms and supposedly based on real life incidents. Although they never show any ghosts, but the movie played with your mind. It was a typical psycho-thriller. Worth a watch, only if its a late night show in a theatre. And hence, for me, it was money's worth. Next morning, woke up, peacefully at 11:30 AM. Didnt do much, as i had to leave for the concert in a few hours. I reached the venue by 5 PM along with an office colleague. We thought we would be first in the queue, but boy were we wrong. There was a huge queue, and the gates, as expected, were not open on time. Somehow, by the time we went in, it was 6 PM. Surprisingly, we were just, less than 1 meter, away from the stage. And by the time, the show started at 7:30 PM, the stadium was filled to capacity. More than 20000 people came to see Bryan Adams Live. His fourth time in India. I remember, he came in 1994. And this was the first time, in Bombay, that a major international singer/group was performing. And i had gone there. And there were 30000 people. Sadly, i was too young, and half way through the concert i was suffocating because i was not used to so many people, many of who were stinking with puke and alcohol. He came again in 2001 and 2006 but i couldnt go as i had more important engagements. But i wasnt going to miss his 2011 concert for anyone.
He has been one of my all time favorite singers since 1992. Whenever, he comes, he performs all his all-time-hit songs, and maybe adds a couple of newer ones. But the crowds love him. And he is the only performer, in whose concerts, you can hardly hear him, because more than him, its the crowd who does all the singing.
And the best part about the concert, there were a few people who had bought tickets worth Rs 10,000. They were special VVIP passes with part proceedings meant for charity. They thought they will get to see the perormance up close and personal. Boy were they mistaken. Yes, it was a special section built for them, with chair and buffet dinner and what not. But it was atleast a good 50-75 meters away from the stage and they missed all the real action. :)

I will be uploading a few videos for everyone to watch(and will upload the others in a couple of days as blogspot doesnt allow multiple uploading and i have close to 1 GB worth of videos to upload), and you will know exactly what i mean.
But all said, and done, it was an awesome concert. And thankfully, we didnt see people, headbanging on summer of '69.
After the concert, drove home, and had a nice late late night dinner at Gold Coins, across the street. Came home by midnight, had a quick shower, chatted with a long distance friend and crashed to bed. Woke up on Sunday, relatively early at 8:30 AM and did the usual Sunday morning stuff. Mum, as usual, didnt wanna eat at home, so again took her out for lunch. This time, again, it was at Gold Coins. Had a real heavy lunch and came home and took a nice afternoon siesta.
Evenings were usual. No one was in the mood to make dinner, so its likely, mom will eat outside.
Thankfully i have a slightly later shift so i dont have to think about sleeping early.

Before i go, i have got a few things to say. This is, specifically, for an unknown person who has been leaving some comments on my blog. It seems that the person is trying to give me a constructive feedback about lots of things that have happened in my life. But that person, like many others, has failed to realise that there is a thin line between giving someone constructive feedback and being nasty.

This is an open space, so if you want to write anything about anyone and anytime, be my guest. Write it. However, Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonymous, not many people have liked what you have written. Some of them(Not me) wanted to give you their piece of mind. Mainly, because you know me from, only, what i have written, and dont know much about the background of some of the stuff here.
That does not mean, you should stop commenting. Be my guest, i will still appreciate you for writing and thank you for having a concern about my life. But you should also be prepared for having other people NOT liking the way you give feedback.
I have encouraged these people to comment on your comment, and i hope you take it positively.
However, i am still quite curious to know who you are.
And i have a feeling, i know it :)
Since you have preferred not to divulge your name here, i will not speak up, but if you are, who i think you are,.... :) :) :) :)

Anyways, its enough writing for 1 day. My ode to my loved one, is given below, and below that aee some of the videos i have uploaded.
And yes, i really really missed, my loved one in the concert :( i sure wish my beloved would have come with me. I am 110% sure my beloved would have freaked out. Oh, what would i not do for a miracle.

Now this poem, is more of how i would want to be, hoping it happens.....

Time is running fast and I cannot deny,
Being in love with someone like you is my pride.

Distance matters only when feelings are not true,
I know that you’re in love with me and I love you too.

We’ll be together always that I can confess
We’ll be happy always without any mess.

Death is a reality and our love will win
You’ll be with me always because my God is not mean.

Life with you is so easy to live
Whenever I fight with you
You don’t try to make things intricate and easily forgive.

Thanks for being the tower of my strength
With you I must say life is so blessed.

May I get one more life to live with you?
You’re so adorable and I’m in love with you.

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