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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 428

Its been an extraordinary 3 days. I dont know where to start. Well, for starters, Friday started with a nice anticipation that, with the weekend coming, i would have it easy. Fortunately for me, that was what it was. I finished my work on time. Left on time. Had to rush to the nearest Planet M outlet to get the Bryan Adams concert ticket for a friend. So i went from my Bombay Central to VT. That Planet M had shut down for good. And this was the 1st one that opened in India. Then i rushed to the one at Charni Road and even that had shut. Then i went to lower parel and even that was shut down. What the fuck. Then i went to Landmark - A huge book store chain and even that didnt have any tickets. My friend was quite upset as he really wanted to go to the concert. So when i came home, i went to the website to book the tickets. After nearly 30 minutes of trying, i finally managed to book tickets. When i phoned my friend, he was on 7th heaven. So after a long tiring day, i slept for a couple of hours. After many many days, i went for a late night show to see The Inside Job. A documentary foretold and narrated by Matt Damon about the global recession of 2008-2009. The documentary is well made and shows us how a few people fooled the entire globe, causing monumental disasters to professional and personal lives of millions of people worldwide. Came home by 1 and chatted with a friend till, nearly 4 AM. Woke up art around 12:30 PM next day by a phone call from a school friend. It was the most shocking piece of news i have heard this year. My rakhi-sister lost her 2 year old daughter. The sad part was that i came to know about the news only a day after the young baby was given the last rites. I, understand, how the parents must be going through. I can not even feel what it is like to loose someone so young. She was a special child. And she was god's own child. Maybe thats why someone up there needed her more than anyone of us mortals here. That news disturbed me. I went to visit the parent's in the evening with mum. Although, they didn't show, i could sense the absolute sadness that they went through. I went for a movie and dinner with my the fat guy and avatar baba in the evening. Yeh Saali Zindagi, A strong movie, in the mould of a typical guy ritchie movie. Although i was still thinking about all the events of the day, hence i couldnt concentrate much on the movie. In the night, we went for a late dinner. And for a change, we werent the usual laugh riot that we usually are and were as sober as we could. Came home at around 1 and again was chatting with a close friend till nearly 3:15 AM. This sunday morning was slightly different. For starters, it was mum's 59th Birthday. And no ways mum was going to remain at home. So along with her bro(mama) and his wife(Mami) we went to California Pizza Kitchen. We had lots to eat and after a drive, we came back home. In the afternoon, i just saw some cricket on tv and slept for an hour. In the evening, all i did was listen to some music, chat with that close friend of mine and ensure that i hold on to sleeping till i write the blog...which was pending for 2 days now...
And today...i will not write any poem for my loved one..No...

Today...just 2 lines...for the little angel!!

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort us for tomorrow..

You will always be in our thoughts, prayers and hearts !!!

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