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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 421

It wasnt the most pleasant of morning when i woke up. Was extremely tired and decided to go on my own to work. Forcefully woke at around 3:00 AM and by 3:25 i was in my car to work. Reached office in 25 minutes flat.
Was routine work throughout the day, except during the end when i had to just visit the loo for download and some office colleagues started frantically looking for me because they had an urgent complicated issue that only i could resolve.
I mean, what the fuck guys ? Cant a guy even shit in peace ? Absolutely not accepted.
Today was also a very sad day. One of the office employee, left us for heavenly abode. He was, i guess, more or less my age. And how did he die ? Stroke.
Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Attacks are just few of the stress related medical emergencies that come due to an occupational hazards of working in a 24X7 BPO.  But learning about this happening in front of your own eyes and at a time when you are about to take some radical decisions in your life, comes as a big shocker. I do not know the person who passed away personally or professionally. But it came as a big shock only because, more or less, we had the same job profile. May his soul rest in peace. Thats all i could say.
After work, i met up with Chaitanya and had close to 4 hours of discussion about something which has been bothering me for a long time now. Now after much discussion and debates, i am confident to take certain decisions and making certain major changes in life.
There is a saying, which is also an oxymoron, that the only thing constant in life is change.
And change is a must. Whether its in your professional life. Your personal life. Your current state of affairs. Your city. Your State. Your country. Change is important. Change is the only constant. And change is inevitable.
The last few days have been a showcase for that.

Since the last month, there has been a mass scale uprising in the small country of Tunisia. What was the uprising all about ? Wanting a change.
Last few days, there has been mass, and near violent, demonstrations, by millions of, otherwise peaceful, egyptians. What do they want ? Change.

Slowly and steadily people in other countries are starting to take notice.
No one can take anyone for granted. A person can bear atrocities for a reasonable time, but everyone has a threshold. I am hoping, that such an uprising happens, with each one of us, if anyone of us is facing constant struggle in life.
I have said a lot today. But i want, from this day onwards, to be a different person than what i was in the morning. Between the morning and evening, a lot of things have happened, and somehow its reached beyond a threshold.
Now its the time to change. And maybe its god's own way of telling, BE PREPARED!!!!

And after a very serious note, i wish to end, this day's blog with, for a change, a sad love poem.

My belt loosens slowly.
Reminders of you stay fresh
in murky ponds of suffocating tadpoles.
Wake me in the morning,
when the sun shines again.
It's frightening when all I know
falls apart.
And all I know is you.
Hunger squeezes me tighter.
My soul sags with exhaustion.
Ashtrays fill with sleepless nights.
Weeping intensifies my anxiety.
Can tomorrow come without you...
here today?
The cheap chandelier falls on my face.
The rose filled lamp explodes in my hands.
Pain is unrecognizable.
All I knew was you.
My love.
I love you.

Listen. Hear. Heal....!!!!


  1. why don't you change your lifestyle? seems like this job is a doglife and i'm sure that the money aint great either! it's time you actually change rather than writing the same thing every day, day in and day out!

    you're 30+ with a lost partner with a shitty job! no phrases, quotes, odes or songs are going to help you deal with it. CHANGE NOW!

    This is coming from a person who knows you!

  2. :-) Wait and watch my blog for me..who art thou ???