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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dat 443

After chatting with a friend till 11:30 Last night, i finally went to bed. Saw a bit of the movie - Doubt. Interesting movie. I was, as usual, in no mood to go to work. Monday mornings are bad. But... But :)
So i go to work, do the usual stuff and leave home on time. Junaid Chacha and me also indulge in eye tonic therapy. And the therapy sessions were wonderful indeed. So, in case any one wants to know what the therapy sessions are all about, please let me know.
I was not doing much in the evening except, surf the net and read the newspapers. After nearly a week, i even spoke with the fat man over the phone and had some nice spiritual conversation. Had an early dinner and thought would update this blog and then hit the sacks.

For todays, topic, i thought i would write on the recent people rebellions happening in many Arab Countries and certain African Countries worldwide.
This was in my mind since a long time and i thought it would be appropriate to write it today.
Started with the now famous Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia in December 2010. Many Arab and African countries are governed (To mildly put) by dictators for decades now. With the growing of internet and large scale globalization, it wouldn't have been long before something like a French Revolution took place in these countries. 
And who started this spate of revolutions. Just 1 man. 1 common man. Tarek el-Tayyib Mohamed Ben Bouazizi. A street vendor who set himself on fire on December 17, 2010, at Ben Arous in Tunisia as a protest against the authoritarian rule of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This triggered a line of protests in various countries (Tunisia included) in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Jordan, Mauritania, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Iraq, Morocco, Somalia, Bahrain, Kuwait  and Syria. Most of these countries are extremely poor (except some oil rich countries) and all of them have 3 things in common. They are ruled by totalitarians. They are Islamic Countries. And most importantly, people of these countries have been oppressed for decades. And this time they want to make sure the world watch. And this is an eye opener for all the people of the more developed and more democratic countries. That if these people can revolt against injustice. So can we. And all it took was 1 person to ignite the flame. Just 1 person. And to all the corrupt government worldwide, dont take people for granted. 
You try to fuck with us, we will bloody gang rape you. We dare you. We double dare you mother fuckers. 

 I do not wish to end this blog with cuss words.
Hence i will end with 2 things, a song which has been running in my head since i saw 7 Khoon Maaf on Saturday.
Oh Mama. What a song. One of the few rare hindi rock songs.

 And ending with an ode to my loved one....

I've cherish that very moment
So precious inside my heart,
And made a wish for me and you
To never ever part.

If ever there's a problem
Or things are not going right,
I'll make sure and sit down with you
and discuss it until it is bright.

I can't hide the love for you
So dear, precious and true,
If ever I was to loose this love,
I promise that my heart will lead back to you.

Good night!!! 

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