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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 418

It was another routine friday. Last day of work till a much needed weekend to relax. Work was routine, but thankfully workload was not overbearing. I was looking forward to the evening because i had made plans to see a movie - Dil To Bachcha hai i came home straight from work...however, that journey took 2 hrs. Half an hour in the bus coming to the station and another 90 minutes in the train. I saw a wonderful episode of 2 and a half men on TV when i came home and in the evening, wanted to avoid any rush hour traffic, so left early for the movie. We reached around 30 minutes early so mum and i (Yes, i took mum but more details of that later) did some window shopping in Palladium - One of the most exquisite shopping malls in the city(And probably the country). The movie was quite well made, except for a cheesy ending. However, throughout the movie, i felt, in so many ways i could identify with the so many ways. I believe the movie should have ended 5-7 minutes early than when it actually ended. But still a worth while watch. And mom wouldnt have missed the movie for anything. My mom is not a major movie freak. But there are 3 people, whose movie she will never miss, not even a minute of the beginning. They are Ashutosh Gowariker (His directed movies), Madhur Bhandarkar(His directed movies) and Hrithik Roshan(In any movie). It could be apocalypse but she wont miss the movies. After the movie, had a south Indian Dinner at a nearby restaurant. While going to the car lot, met up with a relative so mom wad quite happy. I came back home, all tired. So tired that i couldn't even have the strength to write my blog. But still had enough strength to chat with a friend till the wee hours of the night. Then i just headed to bed and was sleeping by 3 AM. Woke up at around 11:30 AM in the morning and did absolutely nothing. The one, worthwhile thing, i did today was watch an old classic - A man for all seasons. Wonderful movie with a classic court room drama in the end. And all based on real life events. Was just lying around in the bed, doing absolutely nothing. Aaah, isnt it wondeful to do nothing. In the evening, i stepped out of the house and headed for the famous Lamington Road - The Street where you get the best, latest and at the most cheapest price, electronics and computer hardware in the country. Had to get a pen drive for someone. And what a deal. 8 GB Pen Drive for as low as Rs 550. Came back home and had a wonderful dinner - Pastas, Bruchetos(Hope i have spelt that right), Penini and all for free because a cousin's friend has just opened a take away joint nearby where i live and wanted us to taste the stuff and give review. Well, sir, awesome food...what more can i say ? :) And now, the saturday has ended. One half of the weekend comes to an end. And how did it go ? Very well i must say. And why ? Because all i did was nothing. :)

And tonight, i depart with 2 things....a beautiful song by The Foreigner (A 80s group) and then a sweet simple poem for my beloved. Every day, it seems, i am falling in love all over...and even more....more then yesterday...and less then tomorrow...

A sweet voice with a tender kiss.
When I think of this, it's you I miss.
I need you close, I want you near.
I want your love to be right here.
Here with me, to have and caress.
...Here with me, I'll always be blessed.
Our love is like a shining star,
Held so close, but yet, so far.
I need you now, more than you know.
I need you now, so my love can show.

Good night everyone!!!!

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