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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 398

Back from a short 1 day break out of the city. The 3 musketeers decided to land at Lonavala to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After a long long time, i had the pleasure of having breakfast, lunch and dinner at times when normal human beings have it. At 7:50 AM we had a hearty breakfast at Chembur. We reached Lonavala at around 10:30 AM and we relaxed in our hotel room for a while. With the fat guy's wisecracks, i laughed so much that my stomach hurt badly. We slept till around 14:30 and then had a nice lunch at the in house restaurant. We, later, relaxed near the pool side and then headed towards a place called Lion's Point(Which till a few years back used to be called Tiger's point). No idea how the name came because the area has neither lions or tigers. We went further up the hills where there were barely 6-7 people and took some beautiful Pictures(Which you can view down). In the night, the fat guy and me finally opened the JW Blue Label Whiskey. It was awesome. Real Smooth and worth the price. We relaxed for a while and then headed for a local udipi for a nice dinner. In the night, we were pooped out so we watched some TV and some real unintentional hilarious Malayalam TV talk show. We spoke about a few things while we were lying in the bed and then laughed so much about some of our ridiculous talks. Of course, since the 3 of us were so dead tired w slept like logs. We did get up a few times in the night because our snores were loud enough to wake a hibernating bear but that was ok. In the morning, we woke up late and then quickly checked out of the hotel by noon to have a nice sunday brunch before heading back home. Listening to Pink Floyd's - The Wall was awesome. We had a short halt at the Inorbit Mall near Vashi as the fat guy wanted to pick up headphones. We sat down for a while at a coffee shop and then headed back home. Of course, none of our outings is complete without a few nostalgic trips in the past. 3 of us didnt quite want to come back home but guess that is something we cant avoid. And all of us, unanimously, wanted to retire early in life and settle in some nice small beach town and do nothing except sleep and eat. Hope one day that dream comes true.
I have been off the city for just 1 night and already i dont feel like going back to work. But guess there are some things in life, like income tax and death, which are unavoidable. Going to work on a monday is just one of them.
 Well, i will call it a day now. The pictures are for everyone to see, And then of course, the poem for my love!!!!

The evening darkens over
After a day so bright,
The wind capt waves discover
That wild will be the night.
There's sound of distant thunder.

The latest sea-birds hover
Along the cliff's sheer height;
As in the memory wander
Last fluttering of delight,
White wings lost on the white.

There's not a ship in sight;
And as the sun goes under,
Thick clouds conspire to cover
The moon that should rise yonder.
Thou art alone, fond love.


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