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Friday, January 7, 2011

day 396

Finally friday has arrived. What i thought would be easy as the earlier days of the week, was very very very hectic. My managers made some clear expectations that things will be as worst with practically a chaotic atmosphere with over 200+ calls in wait to be answered and fucked up systems even more fucked up process and policies. Well, if he has made a few things clear than in the next few weeks, there will be some more clarity from my end as well.
I came home all tired and weary but eager. Eager because i was meeting someone At Moshes Cafe after ages and the person was even more happy because i bought that person a DVD of a move that the person was hunting for. We had a couple of hot chocolates and were having a general chat about a lot of things in life. It was great to catch up and we promised to meet, hopefully, next week as well for dinner.
Came home, a little tired and in a while i will go to sleep. Tomorrow, the 3 musketeers head out for lonavala for an overnight stay. This is the first time in the 7 and half years of our friendship that we will be going for an overnight stay out of town. In this season, Lonavala, can get awesome in the night. With temperature that can dip to 7-8 degrees Celsius in the hill station, it would be a perfect get away from this dirty city.
I will go to sleep.....but not before devoting and ode to the one i love...

The time I've lost in wooing,
In watching and pursuing
The light that lies
In woman's eyes,
Has been my heart's undoing.
Though Wisdom oft has sought me,
I scorn'd the lore she brought me,
My only books
Were women's looks,
And folly's all they taught me.

Her smile when Beauty granted,
I hung with gaze enchanted,
Like him the Sprite
Whom maids by night
Oft meet in glen that's haunted.
Like him, too, Beauty won me;
But when the spell was on me,
If once their ray
Was turned away,
O! winds could not outrun me.

And are those follies going?
And is my proud heart growing
Too cold or wise
For brillant eyes
Again to set it glowing?
No -- vain, alas! the endeavour
From bonds so sweet to sever:
Poor Wisdom's chance
Against a glance
Is now as weak as ever.

Love you....good night!!!

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