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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 393

The first day after work after a weekend off or an extended weekend, can be chaotic. Specially when you are in the 1st week of the month where you need to, not only plan your day, but also your week and then your month. So, yes, work was chaotic. But thankfully, i did all my primary tasks on time and am within schedule of things to be. Fortunately, i didnt have to anchor the role of a peace negotiator today so my general state of mind was much more relaxed. I hope, and sincerely pray, that all my days goes like this. Came home on time and was running an errand for an office colleague, who thanked me a lot for it saved at least 3 hours of torturous commuting between 2 extreme ends of the megapolis. In the evening i had a quick 30 minute sleep and then was just surfing the net and reading the newspapers. So all in all, a fairly routine day. I did have a good 30-40 minute discussion with a very close friend of mine, on certain professional matters and in the next few weeks to come, there is going to be some radical changes that will happen in my life, towards that part. I am not at the liberty to disclose anything right now, but my close acquaintances would know what i am referring to. For the others who are curious, all i can say is, watch this blog for more.
And now time for a lovely lovely poem for my love....

You'll love me yet and I can tarry
Your love's protracted growing:
June reared that bunch of flowers you carry
From seeds of April's sowing.

I plant a heartful now: some seed
At least is sure to strike,
And yield what you'll not pluck indeed,
Not love, but, may be, like!

You'll look at least on love's remains,
A grave's one violet:
Your look? that pays a thousand pains.
What's death? You'll love me yet!

I just so hope its true, my love!!!

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