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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 383

It has been a good start to Christmas Day. I woke up at 10. Last night a couple of my school friends, their wives and me decided to see a movie in the evening(initiated by me of course) in the evening. Decided unanimously to see Tees Maar Khan. The latest christmas release. Only when i booked the tickets, did the leader of our school group decided, because the reviews are bad, we will sell the tickets and go for a dinner only plan. Sadly we couldnt find any takers for the tickets so we sat through the movie - which was not even passable, but what the heck, its christmas and we learnt to enjoy whatever we could. Then we went to a nice south indian restaurant for a dinner and then ice creams. We laughed at some of the antics of our friends and were constantly pulling each other's legs. It was great to catch up with the school guys after ages. While coming back, i was thinking about all the christmas eves and days that had gone by. Till we were atleast 10-11, every christmas eve, after we slept, dad used to keep some amazing candies / chocolates underneath the pillow for my brother and me. And till years he had us fooled that Santa Claus came in the night. One night i caught dad in the act and he almost grabbed my neck :).
But all in all, Dad didnt fool us. Because Santa Claus did come. Only thing, he took the form of my dad. Boy, i miss dad so much. Not one christmas has gone by, after my dad passed away, that mum and me havent missed dad. Those were the days.
Christmas was also, kind of, sad day. Years back, in 1990 to be precise, my great grandfather left for heavenly abode. It was also unique because he was born on Christmas day itself. So he got, the most natural death, dying on the same day he was born. One of the most spiritual person i ever met. Generally people of his age tend to go towards being religious and visiting temples/churches and what not. But my great grandfather, would rather spend quality time in the huge library of books that he had and read and talked only about spirituality. Dad and great grandpa, today, i miss you the most.
In my own personal crisis, i am so sure if you would have been there, you would have helped me out of it. But i also know, that whatever little i have achieved today, so much of it is because of so much i have learnt from you. Thank you so much. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.
Love you dad. Love you dadaji.

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