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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 378

It is a cold and dark monday morning. Not the best of time to wake up and certainly not the best time to go to work. How i longed to be under the blanket and sleeping with my love ? Alas :(
Since i forgot my mobile phone charger in the office on friday, and the one which i got refused to wok, i was without a phone over the weekend. Anxious people at work trying to reach me over the weekend were upset, but guys, chill, as long as no one died, whats the problem ?
As usual, mondays always start with some, asshole not turning to work and worse, that person switched off the mobile phone and didnt even inform me what is the concern of not showing up. Do that on your day off from work and i am ok but do that when you are required to be at work ?? Now that pisses me off big time.
After work i just headed home, had a nice hot shower and then slept for an hour or so in the evening. The cool atmosphere was  perfect. I couldnt have called it a day without writing the blog so somehow i manage to resurrect and finish the formality.
I also wanted to complain about a terrible back ache i had in the morning which preceded a major stomach ache.
Yes, it was painful and certainly something i wouldnt want anyone to get. But frankly, at a certain level, i kind of liked that pain.
I was hoping the pain would stay long and i would be sent home on some medical emergence leaves, but seems like, someone up there wants me to just stay well and come to work. Havent had a day off from work because of medical reason for almost 4 years now.
I often wish i could just stay at home and do nothing but sleep the whole day and just wind off from all the stress, but looks like this seems to be just a distant dream, as of now.
Before i leave for the day, a customary sign off ... and once again, this is for my special...and for those who know who i am referring to and for the one i am referring to.........

When we were strangers,
I watched and talked with you from afar,
When we were lovers,
I loved you with all my heart.
Because i am still in love with you,
I want to see you back again,
Because i am still in love with you,
on this harvest moon .....

:( :( :(

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