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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 375 endeddddd and Day 376 just starts!!!!!

This week, thankfully, has been far more relaxing than any other routine week this year. I am ahead of schedule for all of my work. I am taking it as easy as it comes. Today, in the afternoon, after work, The Fat guy and me decided to watch the new woody allen movie - You'll meet a tall dark stranger. The only convenient movie timings for both of us were in a suburb called Mulund which is like jumping from The west to the east to the east to the west of the city. The drive is too much. But when we finally landed there, the cinema management, conveniently decided to cancel the show because only 2 of us were present for the entire movie. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. And in the same chain of Cinemas - PVR. Nonsense. PVR cinemas, at times, shows some amazing english movies which are not shown in any other theatre (Eg there will be blood was released in ONLY pvr cinemas in India), but for a movie fan to be treated like today, it was very sad. Anyways, we decided to have a quick session(Him with a beer and me with a 7UP) and a local Bar and then just hang around the mall for a while. Dropping the fat guy home, i decided to buy some sweetmeat from Shree Krishna in Chembur. This is, as mentioned earlier, one of the most famous sweet shops of Tamil nadu which has a branch here.
Coming back home, i had to pick my mum from grandpa's place. I was tired but i decided to go and meet grandpa because he wanted to meet me. We talked for nearly 2 hours. My uncle and me did most of the talking while grandpa patiently listened. Because of old age, he is now unable to get much momentum as he used to, so he is in constant need of help from a wardboy or some domestic help. This irritates him very much but somehow he manages to let his calm be as far as he can.
After years. my uncle(Mom's bro) and me had quite a few in length discussion about a few things (And none of it personal really) and it gave me a clear picture on certain non-personal aspects of my life. Which incidentally, also needs to be tackled as early as possible.
So here i am now, home, writing the blog and been awake for 21 hours at a stretch.
Dont want to do anything except just have a nice hot shower and go to bed.
Yes, i am still nostalgic about certain other personal aspects of my life.
Yes, i am a mad fool to still have some hope that something will go right.
Yes, its a waste, according to some people, to be not prepared about those aspects.
But in the end of the day, my intentions are most noble and i still stand by whatever i have said.
So if YOU are reading this, if YOU are listening to me, ..... know what i seek !!!
Please :(

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