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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 372

Another routine day. I cant believe i am ahead of schedule with all my work. My managers keep telling that you should always be on schedule and ahead of schedule also means that you dont have a work discipline. Anyways, thats his point of view. My view has always been - Under Promise Over Deliver. After work, i thought i would see a nonsense hindi movie - No Problem. Saw it at the famous Maratha Mandir Theatre for as Low as Rs 60. That i slept through parts of the movie because it was boring is another story. I also, after ages, won a radio competition. And the prize was a nice Levis bag. Now i need to collect it tomorrow afternoon from Bandra(East) which i will figure out in the morning. I also decided to meet my Grandfather(mom's dad). At 85, he isnt at the best of his health. Having already suffered minor strokes a couple of times, its time he takes it easy. Having spent a lot of time, i have learnt lot of things from him, that even my own parents wouldnt have taught me. When i met him, i had mixed emotions. I was happy because we spoke quite a bit. I was also sad, that what old age can do to a person who was so active till atleast 1996. If a person doesnt have suport, in terms of domestic aide, occupational therapist, money, immediate family, one will find it so hard to survive.
Anyways, in a while i will go to sleep, and pray for long life of my grandfather.
Cheers and good night.

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