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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 371

Somehow i was feeling a bit more cold than usual. Just discovered that the minimum temperature predicted for today is 16 degrees Celsius. Thats absolutely awesome. Just the kind of weather i enjoy the most. Like last week, this sunday night i had a good straight 6 odd hours sleep and it does wonders to one on a monday morning when one is usually not the usual self. After all the events of last 2 weeks, the one thing i require is a nice calm start to the day. And mercifully i am getting that on weekdays. Work was calm and managed to leave on time, which i have resolved to do every day for as long as i can. When i came home, i surfed the net, read newspapers, ate some pies and slept for an hour in the afternoon. Its a bliss to get a nice nap in a cold yet sunny afternoon. Absolutely amazing. Thats as far as work is concerned. Its going on well. Somehow whenever i come home, i still keep getting these sad feelings. All of it have to do with the events that have happened in the last couple of weeks. I wonder if i will ever come out of this well ?
Still living on a prayer. Someone up there, do listen to me. Because you know i am doing this with the best of my intentions and most noble one at that.
Please, someone, anyone, who is listening to my prayers. Help it come true.

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