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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 370

When a person is suffering from a, lets say, disease or an illness, where the cure is getting more and more difficult to find. What do you do ? Do you leave the person to his / her state and wait for the death to come ? Or would you rather use all your effort and time to try fighting till the end, even if it is a lost cause in the hope that maybe, just maybe, something would work out ?
I am pretty sure many of you will opt for the latter. Atleast thats what i would do.
And that is exactly what i am doing in my case. I will not say that i am suffering from any illness as such, but the state of a certain situation of my life is such, that from a very superficial view it seems like a lost cause. But i will keep trying, till the end to pursue what i want. Saturday was not the best of the day really. I spent sleeping till 9:30 AM and then again in the afternoon i spent about 4-5 hours. In the evening at around 8 PM, i decided to fight for the so called "Lost cause". I tried but somehow i dont see any immediate hope, but atleast i tried. Atleast i conveyed what i had to convey. And, honest to god, i meant every word what i said. I will repeat what i have said in my last few blogs, one chance is all i seek.
I came home quite tired and didnt have any difficulty falling asleep. I guess i am really sleep deprived. Imagine so much sleep.
Sunday, i woke up relatively early at 9:30 AM. Read the newspapers, and then thought i would indulge in some retail therapy. So i rushed to Phoenix Mills, and saw Phas gaya re obama at PVR Cinema. Nice black comedy. Then i went to landmark and bought a couple of large posters and some garfield comics. Ate some pizzas and Dosas. Then when i came home, i was in for a little surprise. My aunt and uncle had come over. As a family tradition goes, after every wedding, the parents of the bride/groom, goes to homes of immediate family and close friends, and gives the family a small token of appreciation for coming to the wedding function. Its a 50 year old tradition that will be kept alive for a long time to come. Then i just surfed the net and in a while i will sleep. I guess i will get nice sleep tonight because i didnt sleep in the afternoon. Honestly, i dont feel like going to work tomorrow. Its not really a monday morning blue BUT the events of the last 2 weeks, the last thing i need to do is work. I just need some time off from people and be away and just rejuvenate. Hopefully i will have christmas weekend off and the next 2 days after that as well.
Lets see how everything works this week.
Till then,
Love you and goodbye.

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