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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 367/368

A very very tiring day. Considering that i was on my feet all day, but didnt do any productive work, was even more irritating. My cousin got married. More than anyone else, my mum was the most excited. Because this is a golden opportunity for her to stay out of the house and enjoy socializing. I, generally, do not like going for weddings, but i couldnt find any excuse to skip this one as it was a cousin and the only sister amongst us 6 brothers(Cousins included). We have a very large family from our paternal side and the 7 of us are just from my dad's brother's side. From my dad's sister side there are another 6 cousins. And from my mum's side i would be having 9 cousins. If all us would come in a picture(Which incidentally has never happened in the 30-40 years of in-numerous weddings and social get together) we would need atleast 2 large size photographs as it would be impossible to have all of us on one stage. Anyways, so there was a traditional Indian wedding and a grand indian wedding reception. As the custom goes, after the reception, the close relatives and friends sit together in a large banquet table with people serving food and some over anxious relatives forcing some sweets in our mouth. Had so much to eat. Then comes the time when we have to give the bride away and a few of them cried.(That is a common phenomenon in all weddings worldwide). :) So that ends a tiring day.
Morning will be another day. Since everyone is so tired, i do not think anyone will wake up before 10 AM.
We were genuinely missing 1 person in the wedding. I hoped that person reads this blog and atleast calls my cousin because she really missed that person.
Since i respect that person's privacy, i will not provide names but i am just hoping someone out there reads this blog.
That would only be my request, i guess.
Today, i was also feeling quite low, because deep down, i was, feeling very very lonely. I am not alone. I have people all around. But off late despite having people all around, i was not alone but very lonely.
Wow, someone up there is really testing my strength. Wonder how much more time will i have to give this test ? I sure do hope i pass this one.

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