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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 366

This day, exactly a year back, i wrote my first blog. The journey till now, to put it simply, has been a learning experience. I am going through so many emotions right now, that i cant get to express it. But i will try to put whatever i feel, in the best possible manner, in this blog.
Today, i woke up relatively later at around 4:45 AM. I had a workshop which was meant to start at 06:30 AM but by the time it started, it was almost 07:15 AM. The breakfast and lunch were very good.
The workshop was all about, the merger of 2 big Telco companies in Australia and how we will soon be working under one brand with a set of values and culture.
Somethings that i learned, were  things i could put to personal life as well.
Do you know what these values are ?
1) Humility and Ability.
2) Daring and Caring.
3) Enterprising and Surprising.
From my past experience, sadly, all these workshops are good only at that point of time. Once you come out of the workshop, everything is forgotten and its back to square 1 or BAU(Business as Usual). I have a feeling it will be the same this time.
What i do learn from these workshops, is something that i can try and implement in my personal life. I am not telling everything has always worked. But it has made me atleast more stronger than what i was earlier. Yes, there are times when i too have my share of emotions and frankly, find it difficult to deal with them. But the essence in all of this is, I have always believed that one must take the road less traveled - The path of the righteous. It is a very difficult path but atleast i can sleep with a clear conscience.
I believe between the last 20 years and now, if i have ever changed as a person, i have been more and more spiritually inclined.
The keyword here is spiritual and not religious. Those are 2 separate things.
The events over the last couple of weeks have been very painful. Deep inside i have cried a lot. I have even come close to crying in reality but somewhere, maybe its some physical problem, i cant seem to let the tears out. It is said that the reason why men have heart attacks more than women, is because women are emotional and will let their emotions out at the right time while men just suppress it which has a direct affect on the hear and an adverse effect at that.

I would still plead to get 1 more chance, 1 last chance of giving it a try. Who do i plead ,. does not matter, but i am hoping someone who i plead would read this blog and make a difference.

One of the most important things that i have been taught by one of my managers down under, is that, when you are speaking to a customer, your focus should be so much on the customer, that it should be the Customer and you VS the rest of the world.
I believe, i should implement that in my personal life as well.
So in case the intended person is reading the blog, just remember, its US Vs the rest of the world.
All i seek is a chance. All i seek is a chance.


  1. All the best.My prayers and wishes are with you.

  2. You rock dude.....your blog and your word will make a difference in someone's life for sure .... God bless :)

  3. @ anon - Thanks
    @ pachu - hope so too