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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 365

How time flies. Today i complete, exactly 1 year of writing a regular blog. Tomorrow will be my 2nd year in running. I started the blog, a year back, to express my thoughts, to vent my anger, share my joy, boredom, depression and just about all other forms of possible human emotions. I am not a very expressive person, as far as speaking is concerned. Hence, its necessary for me to just write my thoughts and let down all my mental burden some place. So, what better than a blog ?
Its been a real eventful year. By far, despite all the hard comings, shortfalls, heartbreaks, pains, anxieties, its been a good teacher. What, after all, doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.
Had a very busy day at office today. With an unscheduled workshop tomorrow, my entire plans had to be rescheduled but i managed to do all my work.
Somehow i didnt get good sleep last night because i kept coughing and felt i had a hoarse throat. Then i realized, its that time of the year. The time when winter officially starts. Because i usually get these symptoms when the temperatures start dropping suddenly.
Well, anything is a relief from the scorching son.
In the evening i dragged my self to my cousin's pre wedding evening party.
There was Mehndi and Mousada.
For those who dont know, Mehndi is a ceremony adpoted from the muslims where the women apply henna on their hands in various design. Mousada is a typical Gujarati Tradition where the Bride / Groom's Uncle(Mother's brother) gives her lots of gifts. And they are welcomed by singing traditional Gujarati folk songs and by banging the rolling pin against a steel plate continuously. Didnt know what was that for, but its an interesting concept. Tomorrow, i have slightly late work timings(6:30 AM). The timings are still early for a normal human being but it is a much needed relief from those 4 AM shifts.
In a while i will go to sleep.
Tomorrow is another day.
Good night.

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