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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 364

The thing about love, is that when you are in it, its the most beautiful feeling in the world. The only thing you want to be is in love. The only person to be with, is the one you love. Of course, no love life comes without its share of ups and downs. Its your bonding, understanding, whatever is it that you call, with the other person that matters the most.
Then, somehow, when things just dont work out, it often happens that one person just doesnt wish to do anything with you and wants to end the relationship as fast as possible. However, the other side still wishes he/she gives her/him one last chance.
Is a love relationship so weak and so impure that one cant forgive another person's err ? If you have a chance to make the relationship work once again, why make it so hard for the other person who has give his/her share of a good number of years ? Isnt that worth anything ? And why not try working out everything before giving it up for good ?
And is the other person so bad that you just want to delete / erase / wipe out each and every single trace (virtual or otherwise) from your life ?

Today i dont want to write about what i did at work or about the weather or which movie i watched. Its not material. What is material, as of today, is to respect that pure feeling of love. I have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs on my thoughts about love. I stand by it.
I am pretty sure lot of you may have many questions about why i am suddenly writing about all this and getting sentimental.
The fact of the matter is, that no matter how tough skinned i can get, somewhere deep down, i am still a human being. I am prone to the same emotions that your average joe would have. Somewhere, even i feel, that in life, i deserve what i worked hard for. I have / had expectations, and very very basic ones at that, from certain individuals in my life and if those were not kept, i did feel disappointed. And if i have said anything that would have upset that individual, then from the deep of my heart, i am sorry.
All i ask is, give it another chance. Dont give up.
Thats all i say. Thats all i say.


  1. It seems that you did some grave mistakes that someone is not ready to forgive you for it.

    Are you asking to be forgiven or ready to forgive the other person? Again it was not clear from the details of your this blog.

  2. @ anon - For people who know me and for the person who this message was intended for, i sincerely hope, the message has reached. My life is not a routine one really. Too complicated to explain on a blog.