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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 363

It was a wonderful Monday. Wonderful because after many weeks, i had a long peaceful uninterrupted sleep on a sunday night. I drove in 29 mins from My house to office, which is nearly 32 kms and in some places i touched 110 Km/h. I chose to stay after shift for a couple of hours after shift so that i could complete a huge backlog of work which was pending due to a systems outage last week. Coming back, i was caught by a traffic cop for using handsfree on a mobile phone. Yes, that is illegal in India. But somehow i convinced the cop on not confiscating my license. Did the usual when i came home, surfing the net, playing with Purav and having dinner. So far, Monday didnt kill or attempt to kill me. I sincerely wish all mondays were like that. Tomorrow promises, atleast workwise, to be a little more relaxed. On that calm note, i will end this blog.
See ya good people tomorrow.

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