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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 362 ends

A wonderful Sunday. I didnt feel like doing anything at all so all i did was watch a nice movie on the pc. Saw Bhopal Express. Its ironic that i watched the movie during the 26th anniversary of the infamous Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy. The single largest industrial disaster that, as we are speaking right now, is still affecting people of Bhopal. I didnt even realize unless i downloaded the movie that its been 26 years since that disaster. That the Indian Government, in all likelihoods, has already gulped all the money(Which itself was pittance considering the damage that was caused) that was provided by Union Carbide over the period of time. The company, as we speak, has since years been taken over by Dow Chemicals. There was a hope that the world's largest chemical company would have some humanity but boy was the world wrong. Dow has openly said (And they are not legally wrong) that they have nothing to do with the disaster that was a part of Union Carbide so they are not liable to give a dime to the Indian Government. Sad case indeed.
My sunday would have been more peaceful had it not been a slight heated argument with a relative of my mine over the phone. That relative of mine wanted me to attend a social get together and frankly, considering the mental trauma that i have gone through since the last few days, i was in absolutely no mood to meet any people or attend some gathering. Yes, for some people it was important, but for once, why cant you look at things from my perspective.
I hope that relative of mine is reading this blog and if that relative does, i only have one thing to say....You know what's the problem in my life ? As of right now, when you spoke to me over the phone, you are the biggest problem in my life. So fuck you and walk right out of my life. Asshole.
Anyways, back to what i did today, i took some time off reading all the newspapers, watching some tv, eating some pizzas and just relaxing. I gotta face this week with twice the workload so hopefully i will face it, each day as it comes, and somehow get through it.
And as the saying goes, this too shall pass!!!!

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