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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 361/362

Wow...i slept for nearly  13 hours....i just crashed in to the sofa at aroun 8 pm on friday evening....woke up at 11 PM...then went to bed and didnt wake up before 8:45 AM. Did not do much in the morning but in the afternoon, went with a office colleague to Lamington Road - The Hub of Electronics and computer stuff in India. Spent nearly 5 hours hunting for his perfect laptop and a digital camera. And the hunt wasnt bad because Rs 26100, we got a nice 11 inch screen laptop with a decent configuration, a nice 10 MP digi cam, 4 GB Pen drive, micro sd reader and a laptop bag. Not bad at all. Came home and then went with mum to see Kheley Hum Jee Jaan Se. Contrary to what the newspapers say, this is a very well made movie. 30 minutes too long but good nevertheless. In a while, i will go to sleep and wont wake for another 12 odd hours. I believe, weekends are well spent only when you spend them doing absolutely nothing. And what is better than to just sleep ?
This week was a real roller coaster ride and i sincerely hope that the next week will be more calm. I can not take any emotional roller coaster ride anymore.

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