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Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 360

One of the consequences of working in a BPO, is that at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do, is attend a social gathering. The prime task of a person working in a BPO, is speaking to customers. One speaks to hundreds and thousands of customers every month and millions every year. So, when the shift ends, you just dont feel like talking to another bunch of people. That is precisely what is happening to me. After working at real bad hours, some people in my family expect me to be at their social gatherings(Pre wedding parties are a huge thing in Indian Families) and when i say refuse, they fume. As if my presence is going to make any difference to their party / gathering. After work, we had a team lunch. This was the 1st time in over a year that our team went out together. Yes there were a few odd balls who didnt want to come, but one will never get 100% attendance in such things. But after a long long time i really enjoyed a good outing with the office colleagues. I sincerely hope the team bonding gets more strong. It is so important to be united as a team. Makes a helluva difference when you are working. Because, as a people's manager, your work gets done faster and more efficiently. And the people who you are managing dont feel that they are actually working but actually enjoy their day at work, not realizing, how quickly their work is getting done.
I came home dead tired and was just surfing the net, when Little Purav accidentally crawled and touched a hot iron plate. He was crying and crying and then his mom and then my mom got wild and started howling at each other. What the fuck ??? And purav got more cranky and wouldnt stop crying. So i had to take him to the building terrace, apply some ice on his hand and then after being out in the open, he calmed down. Cheez, i wish women, for once, would stop getting hyper.
When i was his age, i remember, my hand coming in between shutting a car door and yes i cried. But i dont remember anyone getting hyper.
Now with everyone out of the house attending the social gathering, i think  i will go to sleep and wont wake up till 10 in the morning. Want to catch up on all sleep that i have lost over the week.
Till then,
Good bye, farewell and amen.

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