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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dat 374

One of those mornings when i was not feeling all that great. So i had to report slightly late for work. Was just a routine day at work. Met up my colleague, Meghna, after ages. Spoke at length about quite a lot of things and promised that our old gang would meet up in the next few weeks. With everyone working at odd hours, i dont know how soon will soon come, but it would be great to meet up.
Coming back home, i got some serious traffic near Mahalaxmi station and i am at loggerheads on what alternate route should i take to come home from work. But it still beats coming home in the wretched Bombay Local trains. I will ensure that atleast for the next few days i will go comfortably in a car. I did nothing much when i came home. Routine newspapers, surfing the net, and in a while, back to bed.
And as i leave for the day,
this poem dedicated to that someone special...

Every day I think of you and miss you,
More as time spreads open like a sea.
My pillow knows how much I long to kiss you,
As I must dream till you come back to me.

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