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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 357

My prediction for the week are coming true. Its truly been an emotional roller coaster ride. While driving to work, was talking to one of my cousin who is getting married next week. At 4 in the morning, we were discussing about so many personal issues that we never ever discussed during the 29 odd years that i know her. Work was routine. After work, was when the emotional ride started. Something which had started so beautifully, looked like it would come to an end. The end is not at all something that, in my wildest dreams, would have thought would come true. But such is life. Doesnt come with instructions manual. Doesnt come with guarantee. Doesnt come with assurances. I tried, with my blood, sweat, heart and soul to save it but looks like someone out there has a serious difference of opinion with me to take such a drastic step. Everyone makes mistakes. Which person, with all due respect, doesnt have his/her flaws ? All of them do. No one is perfect and the world isnt the most ideal place to stay. But, pray, what stops you from giving something one last shot to work out. You have the opportunity. You have the chance. Give it a shot to work out. Try and fail but PLEASE do not fail to try. Life can be long or short, but we need to make it big or small. So why not make it big and seek the path of forgiveness (It is the attribute of the strong after all) and make a new and happy beginning ?
Some questions, sadly, remain unanswered.
I met up with Chaitanya, after that, and all we did for the next 3 hours is talk. We talked, discussed, debated, tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel and still kept that last bit of hope, thinking maybe everything will be all right. I spoke to the Fat Man and we did the same thing.
In times like these, its truly who is besides you at that moment, counts the most and thank you buddies. I may have bored you to death with my yapping but atleast you gave me a listening ear. And deep down i know that majorly know that you always meant well.

All i require is now good wishes and prayers that everything will be back to normal.
Good night and good luck.

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