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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 356

And Monday begins. As i have mentioned, this week promised to be a major emotional roller coaster ride and equally taxing. I didnt take a single break in the day. All i did was talk, talk, talk and talk. And fortunately in many instances, it was productive. There was one call, not work related, which made be a bit heart broken. I am just hoping, after the conversation that i had with 2 of my closest friends today, that there would be some miracle and things go back to routine. This is only what i can hope. And the world relies so much on hope and is constant on hope. It is expectations that causes all the disappointments and heartbreaks. So as the great Gita says - Do your task. Dont have any expectation and you will get what is rightfully due for you. It can be a very difficult thing to do. But who said life comes with guarantee and assurances ? Life, atleast in this day and age, should be dealt with as and when it comes - 1 day at a time.
Enough now....
To a more lighter side - I finally took a few pictures to get it framed in the evening and by thursday i will have 5 cool photo frames that i will hang in my room. Then went with mom to get her blood test - for the PT(INR). It means Prothrombin time test for blood. In layman's term, this test is used, regularly for people who have just suffered from a stroke to ensure that the blood thickness is just sufficient to pass through the brain and heart. If its too thick, the dosage of medicine for blood thinner is increased and if the blood is too thin, then the dosage is decreased. It is important to have this test done atleast once a month and then call your neurologist / cardiologist so that he/she can give you the correct dosage for blood thinner. Wow, with the amount of knowledge that i have gained in the last few months regarding medicines and illness, i might as well become a medical practitioner. :)
Then mum and me decided to take a very early dinner - of Pizzas and Choley Bhaturey. Mum will do anything to get out of the house and close the kitchen. Long live such people. :)
When i came back home, i was playing with my favorite kiddos - Purav and Aarnav. I am so sure when both of them grow a little more bigger than what they are, they will be a riot. Anyways, its time for me to sleep. This week is gonna hit me hard and i will attempt to hit it even harder. 

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