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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 351

Simply Awesome. The biploar disorderly weather is awesome. It was quite cool and raining a lot in the night and the cool weather continued till the afternoon, after which it was the scorching sun. I sincerely hope it rains like this for a few more days only in the city right up to winter. I remember, 31/12/2000. It was a nice and cool evening of new year's eve and was raining as well. The temperature dipped to almost 15 degrees Celsius. Awesome. If only, someone up there listens to me.
This also ensured that work was calm and i could stretch a little bit after working hours without any grumbling.
The kind of weather when one doesnt want to work. (But then which weather one would want to work). The kind of weather when one would just listen to the following song:-


Besides that, its also been quite nostalgic today. I was going through an old school picture in facebook. Taken way back in 1987. And then over 200 comments by the school gang. Oh, what wonderful memories. Those were the years that i will cherish for the rest of my life. Aaah. As someone i love once said, "If i had a time machine, i would just go back to my childhood and never return back."
Sweetheart, i agree with you so much.

Good night. Sweet memories.


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  2. @ aline - thank you. Where are you from ?