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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 350

Its been a very tiring couple of days. Tiring, not because of work. Naa. Its majorly the commuting home. The constant heat and then cool weather and then heat again has fucked my internal systems big time. I get so dead beat when i come home that, unknowingly, i crash. Then when i wake up, i think to myself, what the fuck. I wont be able to sleep in the night. Any, by George, i need my good nights sleep. This is the prime reason that i absolutely detest having any social contacts during the weekend. I would rather be with myself than surround by a bunch of people, Read relatives. Hanging out with a couple of friends is fine, but with a group, sorry guys, leave me out. 
I often wonder why people have this conception that working in a BPO is an easy job and its no big deal waking up at odd hours to go to work. I dare those people to survive a week, let alone 7+ years like me, in that near mentally hostile environment.
This is specially hinted at one of my family members (And i sincerely hope he is reading this blog) who is just a piece of hot air thing. All i have to say to you and to your "Kind Advice" is ... "FUCK YOU and UP YOURS."
Well, enough of that for sometime.
The week has also been interesting because after a little over a year, i will be ensuring that my team members will finally start gelling with each other. In a big team of 20+ people, one is bound to have a lot of difference of opinion, back biting, politics, etc. But with that one team meet that i had last friday, i sincerely hope that this friday we will have a good lunch out of the office complex and just let our hair down and completely bond with each other. To survive in this rat hole, one needs to be united as a team.
Work apart, i saw Golmaal - 3. Disappointed. When you market a film as a nonsensical comedy film. Make it like that. Having useless dramatic moments totally pisses one off. I was also hunting for the elusive BL5K nokia battery and guess what, not a single store(even an official nokia store) had that one.
This is an amazing marketing technique that i have observed, rampant only with Nokia. Develop and market an high end handset. Charge a bomb because of the brand name. And when the warranty period is over, stop manufacturing the handset completely and with it, stop manufacturing the accessories. So when anyone fails to work and repairs dont hold good, you are left with no option, but to buy a new handset.
I sincerely wish i could be comfortable with the new age touch screen phones but somehow i am not a very tech savvy person in these matters.
But i will surely learn to get used to such phones and once i do, it will be good bye Nokia and WELCOME Iphone. Maybe the version 5 or 6.
Well, its 2 days in to the week and already dying for the weekend to come.
Hopefully this week will pass by fast and i will ensure that i sleep like a log during the weekend.
Good bye all of you out there.
Waiting to hear your opinion / comments. Anything.

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