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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 348

I am back after more than a week. I wouldn't say this has been the most interesting week. Simply because my life went back to normal after the Paris Trip. But that one trip has changed my entire outlook towards this world. I have realised that, there is a whole wide world out there which is so bloody ready to be explored. I have realised that in this one life that we have, if you have any desire (Legal and achievable), you must work hard and get it done. In the end, work hard and have fun even harder. I ended up seeing 4 very interesting Movies. The Social Network last saturday. Very very well made an an interesting movie about the making of facebook. Saw Due date on Sunday. A nice light movie from the makers of Hangover but not as good. Then I saw Action Replay. I expected it to be a laugh riot but it just turned out to be an average fare. And today i saw Guzaarish. An highly anticipated movie which was rumored to be a remake of Prestige. Although only 30 seconds are inspired from Prestige. Most of it is inspired from whose Life is it anyway. I liked the movie except for the unintentionally hilarious climax. If you consider the story line, The Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood was leagues ahead in terms of performances and story telling. Today, after nearly 6 and a half years, i went to The Taj Mahal - Colaba for a meal. Mum and me had a nice Sunday Brunch. Before and after the infamous 26/11 attacks, the taj has remained the same. The terrorists just couldn't kill our spirits, could they ?
I came home in the evening by around 5 and was just enjoying a much needed change in weather. Its november and the rains have still kept on coming and going. So the nice windy evening was absolutely wonderful.

Before i leave for the day, a nice little poem.

Good night everyone. 


  1. You work for 3? Calm, calm, calm. The worst customer service ever, is it deliberate?

    Awful network, abysmal service, unhelpful attitude. Shocking.

  2. @ mr snuggles - yea i work for 3...but for aus operations...yea i have heard the uk customer service is pathetic....just curious - how did u get to my blog ?