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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 339 - Les Paris Diaries

Alas, the trip comes to an end. Had to wake early as i didnt want to take a chance to be late for the flight as i suspected that the check in to the terminal would take ages. So i left the hotel, pretty early at around 6:30 AM for a 10:40 flight. I reached airport by around 7:05 AM only to know that the counters wont open before 7:40. When the counters opened, the time between the check in and security didnt take more than 20 minutes. And by the time i entered the departure terminal, it was barely 8:20 AM. So i went browsing around duty free shops and playing some PS3 games at the airport.
Sitting back in the plane back to Bombay, i watched Inception once again and also saw a rock documentary - The Doors - When you are strange.
While sitting in the plane i was just thinking about the huge cultural differences between India and Europe. Or let me rephrase, Indians and the Europeans, or for that matter, anyone in Europe, Canada, Australia or any of the other western country. India, despite being a huge country with some amazing tourist destinations, cultural sites, heritage sites and an History that spans over 10000 years, will never match the standards of the, and forgive me for using this term, Whites.

And do you know why ? Its not because they have the money or power. Balls. Japan and Germany were in ruins after world war 2 and look where they are now.

I will give you a few examples on the big difference between Indians and the others. And tell me one place where there is any monetary benefit involved ?

And these are real life examples i saw in France.

1) No one, AND I REPEAT, NO ONE, honks the car horns unless its a life and death situation.
2) The Pedestrian always has the right of way.
3) The Signal Rules and traffic rules are followed to the core by the drivers and the pedestrians. No one ever jay walks or walks on the road if there is a footpath.
4) There are no illegal encorachments.
5) There is amazing time discipline. When a shop is meant to close at 9 PM, it WILL close at 9 PM. When a bus is meant to come at 12:00 it will come sharp at 12:00.
6) Even if there is any incident which goes beyond anyone's reach (Like a train that wont go further or a malfunction of any kind), people wont panic or be frustrate. They will wait patiently for the authorities to do their jobs peacefully.
7) People, ALWAYS, follow a queue and wont get agiatted if the person in front of you is taking more time. This will be true even for the person who is manning the counter.
8) Service providers, although strictly professional, are extremely polite and courteous. No one will make a face if you ask too many questions or are taking time.
9) Taxi drivers, very very rarely, will refuse passengers even if it is for a short distance.
10) The streets are extremely clean.

We only need to follow all of this, and its not rocket science, and India will be a much more better place to live in.
I love my country. I truly do. Sadly, its the people around who make me feel miserable.

Thats the end of my diary.
It took me nearly 2 days to pen everything down and from tomorrow, it will be back to routine life.
Well, i have decided, that every year, i will take atleast 2 such breaks from work.

Good night and god bless. 

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