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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 336 - Les Paris Diaries

So finally, i woke up at noon after a tiring 24 hours. I had to miss the Versailles Tour because i was just to tired to go. Fair enough, i got to know a bit more about what can happen in an international tour. So after a nice relaxed lunch, i headed straight for Père Lachaise Cemetery. Now this cemetery is speak over 118 acres and many famous people(mostly french) have been buried here. However, the most prominent personalities whose graves are visited by many every year are not French. Namely, Oscar Wilde and James Douglas Morrison aka Jim Morrison - Lead Vocalist and Song Writer of the famous Rock Band - The Doors. Since its a huge cemetery, which has tombs of thousands of people, it will make better sense to get a map. I started by going to the tomb of oscar wilde. This is, by far, the most popular site. I saw it covered with a lot of interesting graffiti and lots and lots of lipstick kiss marks. Infact a couple of young American girls wanted their pics to be clicked showing them kissing the tomb, and i helped them :)
Here are some of the pictures of the tomb.



I also saw the Tomb of India's first and only true Aviator, Philanthropist and perhaps the most respected industrialist ever Born - JRD Tata.

And finally, the moment i was waiting for all these years. Finally a think striked off my bucket list. I managed to find the tomb of Jim Morrison. Needless to say it was crowded and was also surrounded by barricades so that no one could deface it. I stood there for nearly 15 minutes, clicked a few pictures and then left. While coming out of the lane, i met a spanish guy who, in broken english, was desperate to find this grave. So when i leaded him to it, he was so happy. LOL.
The pictures are below.

I took the metro to the hotel. Then, in the evening, went shopping at C&A at a suburb called Mont Parnasse. This is one of the busiest commercial districts in Paris. And what i thought would be an expensive affair, turned out quite reasonable. As there was a sale going on in the store, the stuff that i bought cost around the same price as what it would have cost in any routine shopping store in India. And the stuff was very good. Had a nice dinner at the Indian Restaurant nearby and then went to sleep.

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