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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 334 - Les Paris Diaries

Woke up early. Had to go to Disney land after all. Frankly, i was never a major disney fan, but going to a Disneyland was something i, had to do, since i was a kid. Euro Disney, as Disneyland in paris is known, is very far from the city. NEarly 25 minutes away from the Paris City Border at a small town called Mame-La-Villee. It was about 7 degrees Celsius. Plus it was drizzling throughout the day and was windy. It was freezing cold and the only thing missing was the Snow. And frankly, i loved the weather. Sitting on all the rides even made it more memorable.
Now for any first timers to amusement parks like Disneyland or any other parks for that matter, you need to plan your day. It is NOT possible to cover each and every ride in one day. And when you have Disneyland Park and Disney land studios to cover in 8 and a half hours, you need to be fast. So i decide to enter the Studio first. In 5 hours i cover about 6 rides / themes. The best thing about these new age parks is that they give you a map which indicates the location of all the rides and which are for kids, families and which are the thrillers that are not at all meant for the faint hearted. I decide to take all the latter rides and a couple of the family ones. Clearly, amongst the park and the studio, the best ride the one below.

The one below is a character from Finding Nemo - Crush - But the ride is clearly not for the kids :)

                     This is the view of the Disney Castle at night. Beautifully illuminated.

So after finishing the rides at the Studio, i headed for the park. Most of the rides in the park are for kids. But there are a few thrilling rides. The ones marked in orange in the map of Disneyland are just not to be missed. So after a cold rainy day, headed back to the bus to the hotel. Next day was an equally more exciting day as i was going to head to Netherlands, specifically to the capital - Amsterdam.

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