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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 332 - Les Paris Diaries

Woke up at around 7 AM and had a nice yummy breakfast. Surprisingly, the hotel that i was staying, served mostly vegetarian fare with only ham strips for meat lovers. This was a sort of blessing for me as i dont eat meat or meat products. Left for the hop-on-hop-off city tour. For those who dont know, hoo-on-hop-off tours usually are conducted in double decker open air buses. The buses take you through some of the prominent landmarks of the city. You can get down at any of the landmark, visit them at your convenience and then get back on another bus to the next destination. In case you dont want to just roam in the bus, its your choice. You can do that all day. There are several buses at interbals of 10-15 minutes each so you cant miss any. The tour started on a near disaster note when strangely one of the bus conductors refused to accept the tour voucher. I was, obviously, furious because the money was paid for well in advance. Another bus came, where the conductor accepted the voucher and gave the 2 day ticket for the tour. It was later that i came to know that the French people can behave strangely at times. So, i started with the tour. There were quite a few places to go, Napoleon's tomb, Arc De Triumphe, Trocadero etc. Started with Notre Dame. The famous cathedral where Napolean - I was coronated, King of France nearly 250 years back.

                                          This is the view of the Notre Dam from a bit far
                                            Up close and personal view of the Notre Dame
                                                     St Denis - The Patron Saint of France

After that went to the famous The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. This is, by far, the most costliest commercial area in Paris. With shops of the world's best known fashion brands and luxury items, this is a paradise for the wealthy. Example - The cheapest item in a Cartier Shop costs 2500 Euros. So figure out the rest.  Saw the famous Arc De Triumphe - The picture of which is given below.
Had a nice lunch and then headed towards the Paris Opera. Sadly the Opera was shut for that day so just shopped a bit in one of the stores and then headed for Eiffel Tower to take a cab back to the hotel. Had some amazing Lunch at one of the French Cafe at Champs-Élysée and was surprised that it had an amazing vegetarian fare.
The best thing about the whole trip was that i managed to get some amazing vegetarian fare wherever i went and contrary on many people warning me that it would be virtually impossible for me to find vegetarian fare, i had no issues about food at all. In fact, it was hard for me to decide which restaurant/cafe to go to as Paris is full of Amazing restaurants. In a street, you will find atleast 6-7 different cafes and the food, trust me, will be awesome.

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