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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 331 - Le Paris Diaries

I have decided to Pen my memoirs (For a lack of better Phrase) for my Paris-Amsterdam trip. On 5th November night...after all the hullabaloo of Air France Strike, Paris Anti-Pension Strikes, the plane finally departs for Paris. The journey was quite pleasant. Arrived Paris at 8 AM Local Time. It took close to an hour to come out and later i came to know that this is very routine for Arriving Flight Passengers in Paris. It was also awesome to come to the Hotel in a Black Mercedes. The weather, simply put, was awesome. At 12 degrees Celsius, it was a much needed relief from the scorching Bombay Heat of nearly 40 degrees at times. We arrived at the hotel at around 10 AM and the hotel guys were not willing to give the hotel room until 13:30 actual check in time. So we sat in the small lounge and then i decided to explore the area. The place we were staying was in a suburb called St Marcel. That suburb has all the amenities. Within a span of 2 KM, there are shopping malls, Supermarkets, Indian Restaurants, Handymen shops and just about anything you can name. It was also a big and a pleasant surprise that all the French and Italian Cafes had limited yet amazing variety of Vegetarian Fare to choose from. Later, with one of my good friend, we went to a place called Trocadero which is a station away from the Eiffel Tower. From Troacdero, one can get a grand view of the Eiffel Tower. Some of the pics, i will  upload here and on facebook by tomorrow. The view was awesome. After roaming there for a while, we went back to our hotel. Had a nice dinner at an Italian Restaurant nearby and by 11 just crashed in to the bed. 1st day went by awesome.

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