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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 329

Today is Dhanteras. Officially the first day of Diwali - The most popular Hindu Festival in the world. Dhanteras - In a literal sense means the 13th day of the month of Wealth. This is the day when traditional Hindus buy Gold, as its considered to be the most auspicious time to buy wealth. Modern day hindus would make new investment, venture in to new business, buy a household product. In short, this is the day when retailers and shop keepers have a field day making the Green Bucks.

We, usually, buy something or the other for our home during Dhanteras. Today, Mum and me didnt buy much for the house, because by God's grace, we have every possible materialistic thing that one would need. So mum and me decided to buy a few things for one of my friend in France so that when we go there, we can gift it to her. And mum, being mum, had to buy something for herself so she bought some bracelet.
The traffic was chaotic and the holiday shoppers added to the chaos.
But its all in the fun of the festive season.
In all this, one would wonder whether i went to work today. Well of course i did. We got some nice sweets, courtesy of the company, and i treated myself to a nice breakfast at Cafe coffee day. Today, was one of the few days, where i actually felt good about going to work.
Towards the end of my shift, Junaid Chacha shared some interesting SMSes with me :)
Sorry chacha, the cat is out of the bag.
Well, thats it from me now.
Will catch all of ya tomorrow.
Good Night.

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