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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 327

Its been quite an eventful 5 days.
Watched Piranha -3D on Saturday and that completed my movie quota for the week. Had an amazing sleep during the weekend. I slept from 8:30 PM to 10 AM on Friday night and on Saturday night i would have slept from midnight to 07:30 AM and then again for a couple of hours in the afternoon after watching a marathon of my all time favorite TV serial - Three's company.
In between all this, i had a fantastic Italian Buffet at Little Italy - Charni Road and in the evening, caught up with the fat guy for a round of drinks at "Sasta Sundar Tikau" Gokul followed by some yummy kabab session at Bade Miyas. Boy was my stomach bloating during the night. :)
So, in short, the weekend was well spent. In between, i also went shopping for a couple of friends, and i have bought some stuff which i would never buy for myself. Mainly - Contact Lenses, Lens Cleaner, ITouch Cover. LOL.
Today, after spending, what seemed like the most longest 9 hours at work, i came home and roamed around all over South Bombay - From Fort to Fountain to Breach Candy all in search for the correct contact lenses. Didnt know that even that comes in Sizes and Shapes. So one new thing learnt today.
This week, has also been a trying week for one of my mom's domestic help. His mother has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And when he came to know about it, he just broke down. I have rarely seen a father of 3 children break down like that. With more and more women, being diagnosed with this disease, its only through awareness and medical guidance that we need to overcome it.
I am working for a company which actively supports such issues. One of them is called the "McGrath Foundation"
For more information please visit -

I request all of you reading the blog to spend some time going through the above site and if, you want, you can donate towards a noble cause.
I do not, personally know, anyone else who has suffered from Breast Cancer, but i do know a few people, and some of them very close, who have succumbed from different form of cancers.

This Diwali Week and the next one, i would like to dedicate my small blog to anyone and everyone who is suffering from this illness or those who have succumbed from this illness.
As an universal concept, the colour of the website will be Pink.
Diwali may not bring the light in many homes this year, but my blog is a humble attempt to show all of them, that you are always there in our thoughts and prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.

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