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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dat 355

Its a nice Sunday Morning. The day feels a tad bit cooler than routine, which means, winter is round the corner. Of course, i wouldnt expect a nice freezing 8-10 degrees winter that i have witnessed in a few cities around the world, but hell, something is better than nothing. The last 2 and a half days have been an emotional roller coaster ride. After work on Friday, i caught up with the fat guy, who was kind enough to come all the way to Malad. So for old times sake, we went to Galaxy - A nice little pub, 3 mins drive from work. We sat there from 2 PM to 7 PM. Since i was driving, i couldnt drink i had some mocktails and sprite. We talked and talked and talked. And it was nice to catch up after quite a few weeks. Came home by around 10. I decided to check my mailbox and an email from someone hurt me. Being a real thick skinned person, i dont get upset over things very easily, but this particular email did hurt me. It seems after all these years, somewhere, i felt a bit more human and less animal.
Had it not been the support of my 2 close friends over the phone in the night, i may have had a breakdown.
Saturday morning was just about ok. I wanted to rest, but was dragged by someone to watch 2 movies in the theatre - back to back. Watched Unstoppable (A movie on lines of Speed). I thought it would be usual fare, but it turned out to be pretty good. After that, we watched RED - A nice black comedy cum action fare starring Bruce Willis. Also had an early dinner between the movies at Crepe Station. Yummy Crepes and Onion Rings. I think i would visit this place more often. Specially because there is one branch which is very nearby to my office.
Today, there is a small function at a cousin's place. Its called the wedding card writing ceremony. Before any typical Hindu Wedding, there is a small tradition where the first wedding card is offered to the Gods and then distributed to the relatives. Ideally, i would have gone, because it was on my day off from work and in the morning. But today, i am in absolute no mood to go anywhere. I am not in a mood to visit anyone. With due respect to everyone, i need my space. And there are times when one just does not wish to be with anyone.
So since Sunday has already started, i will just relax. I will not pick up any phone calls. I will just read, watch some dvds and watch some TV. I will also, call it a day, a little early because this week, although the last week of the month, will be more taxing than usual.
Cheers till then!!!

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