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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 321

It had not been the best of the nights. I finally managed to get deep sleep and then suddenly there was unwarranted, unprecedented, unsolicited and totally unwanted verbal and almost physical fight between my brother's wife and mom in the night. Why, in the good lord's name, cant one learn to co-exist peacefully and have mercy on this poor guy's soul who needs to wake at the most unearthly hour to go to work ?
The repercussion was that i couldn't muster strength to wake on time and had to just sleep for an extra 90 minutes and reached office late, and on my own. Well, such is life.
Work, thankfully, was smooth and so was the journey back home. The world wide web is also full of news on the famous, Paul The Octopus who was more famous in the 2010 Football world cup as he accurately predicted the outcome of the final 8 matches, is no more. Paul died peacefully in his sleep. Knowing that Octopuses have a very short life expectancy, Paul did get his 15 minutes of fame. May his soul rest in peace.
Its Middle of the week and i am quite eager for the weekend to start so i can catch up for a round of drinks with the Fat Guy and continue our nonsensical talks.
What more should i write ?
Nothing much.
Good Night.

          In fond memory of Paul The Octopus - January 2008  --- Forever !!!

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