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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 306

Its been another, what promises to be, a long long long week. I tried to wake up on time on Monday, but i guess, the spirit was willing but the soul was weak. I managed to wake up late and drive myself to work and just about login on time.The day went as smooth as it could go but it seemed never ending. Coming back home was an ordeal because of unseasonal rains and traffic jam chaos. So i decided, i need to treat my weary self and decided to have lunch at The Sun. I ate for 2 guys and by the time i came home, as usual i was sloshed. I also got, the cold and the unseasonal rains meant that the cold weather had come and was not making my life any easy. But as the old saying goes, feed a cold ... starve a fever. I woke up today, on time so that i could board my pick up vehicle. Did all my work on time but had to leave late because i just couldnt find the capacity to venture out in the fucking heat. On way back home, caught up with an old office colleague, Vinslay and it was nice to remember the good ol' days. Yesterday was also an eventful day where i saw the Indian Women discus throwers win the gold, silver and bronze medal. When all the 3 tricolours were raised and the national anthem ended, the 30000+ crowd was ecstatic, Truly a "Kodak Moment".

What else do i have to write ? Well, for starters, i plan to go back to movie mania and check out atleast 5 movies by the time the week ends :)
More on that tomorrow.
Oh how could i forget ? On Sunday, Uncle Scrooge and me bout Alcatel Speakers with sub woofers. The sound is amazing, Now, not only do does my home resemble a mini office, the computer system also resembles, a mini theatre system, with surround sound and what not :)

Well, that all for today.
Catch ya tomorrow.

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