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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 304

Good evening all of you in cyberland. I am back after a hiatus of a week. Besides watching 4 movies (Anjaana Anjani, The Eagle has landed, The American and The town), the week has been a major roller coaster ride. Both physically and mentally. Physically, because of the fucking 4 AM shifts that meant not getting enough sleep and the extreme October Heat meant that when i came home, i was bloody exhausted that i just didnt have capacity to do anything else but just sit and do nothing. Mentally, because the workload was so much in office that i spent almost 30-45 minutes post work to ensure that work gets completed within the stipulated SLA. It didnt matter because it was suicidal to leave work at 1 in the afternoon in the scorching heat. I would rather wait some more time in the AC in my office and leave when the sun is not at its peak. By the time friday Business Day ended, i was so exhausted that i got a major headache and stomach ache and had just crashed in the bed after work.Certain Events that happened on friday at work also left me pretty mind fucked. It had nothing do with me, but with a certain team member who carried his/her personal issue to work and had an emotional breakdown. To the person/persons reading this blog, give me a break. Please do not mix you professional and personal issues. Its not doing anyone good, including yourselves. This week also saw some very interesting sporting events. After the CWG fiasco which almost lead to the cancellation of the games, it started with a bang. Its great to See India in the Top 3 in the medals tally. It was awesome to see our Wrestlers, shooters and archers give a superb performance in their fields. And hats off the spectators who, thankfully, are encouraging other sports and such large crowds coming to see non-glamorous sporting events. Its wonderful. And the India-Pakistan preliminary hockey pool match today was awesome. A 7-4 win by India was superb. But that also meant that India, like Pakistan, had a weak defense and should concentrate on it, in case they want to win the gold. The match, not surprising, was houseful and was awesome. Even Cricket, took a second stance, and yet India won a nail biting victory over the mighty Aussies and hopefully the 2nd test match would be as close.
On a personal front, there have been quite a few good news for some of my close friends and family.

My cousin, Sneha, got engaged, yesterday and this must be a huge chip of her folk's shoulder, i can say. Sis, i am happy for you.
2 Of my closest friends became proud Daddys.
Himanshu got a son and Junaid (Junaid Chacha for close friends) got a lovely daughter. And both these guys are the most hardworking, dedicated and honest fellas that you can ever meet. Happy for both of you.
Well, thats a lot said for this week,
I hope to update my blog more frequently and not have these long spells of disappearances.
Well, See ya soon folks.
Goodbye and goodluck.

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