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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day - 295 ends and 296 starts

Its been one of the most Wild days of the year. I woke at 1:30 AM to go to work. By the time, care comes and i reach office, its 3:45. I start work, take a 30 min break by 6:30 AM. 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM is a meeting. Then mad day at work till 12:45. Then i take a bus and travel almost half the world (figuratively speaking) from Malad(west) to Kurla(West). The heat is unbearable and it feels as if you are in a furnace. Then i cross over the bridge and take an Auto Rickshaw from the East and land in Chembur - Fun Cinema to catch the first day first show - Endhiran - Tamil. Before the movie i have some yummy Choley - Bhatura with some mouth melting Rabdi and Diet Pepsi.
And then the movie starts. Mind you, the movie is in Tamil, its nearly 90% full and close to 1/3rd of the crowd is non tamil understanding crowd. However when the Title on the screen reads, Super Star Rajnikant, the crowd is wild and when the god comes on screen the crowd is wilder. The movie is science fiction written while on overdose of LSD. The logic defies not only science, but also, science fiction. And only one man, no i am sorry, Titan, can pull it off so convincingly - Super Star Rajnikant.
Hats Off Sir - --- Only you have the charisma and power to pull people who dont even understand the spoken language of your film to come and watch it and enjoy the Rajni experience. Of course, the experience would have been even more wild if i would have managed to beat the serpentine queues to get the tickets at Aurora Cinema - Which is at the heartland of Tamil Ghetto in Bombay - Matunga.
The movie was made on a budget of Rs1.6 billion and released in over 2850 cinema halls worldwide
in various languages . Nearly 3 years in the making, the movie, it has got a record opening.

Check out the following link to see Rajni Mania -

After the movie, fat guy and me end up at Blend N Brew and have our favorite Dahi Ke Kababs and Old Monk and our spiritual Talks, this time its more intense then ever.LOL.
Saw ends a night where i have travelled from one part of the city to another and then back to downtown. Anything for a Rajni movie.
Jai Ho!!!!!!

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